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Boise State could remain in Mountain West, according to a report

Sources have told Sports Illustrated's Pete Thamel that Boise State could be heading back to the Mountain West.


Looks like the Boise St. Broncos are not 100 percent dead set on staying the course to join the Big East. According to Sports Illustrated's Pete Thamel, his sources are saying Boise State is likely returning to the Mountain West:

With Thamel hearing from three different sources is a big deal instead of hearing from just a single source, and makes the Broncos staying more likely.

Boise State staying in the Mountain West has always been my point of view, particularly since the Big East is struggling to retain members, and day by day are losing value in their current television negotiations.

So, what has changed?

Perhaps Boise State is getting actual television dollar numbers from the Big East, and the amount is going to be comparable to the Mountain West. With Boise State paying travel subsidies to the Big West, making the move to an equal, or slightly better, league in the Big East is not the right direction.

Also, Boise State's decision makers such as their President Bob Kustra are finally seeing that the move is not worth doing. A decreased in television money and having active members Cincinnati and UConn actively seeing a way out is not a good environment for the long run.

Who knows if, or what, the exit fee would be, but odds are the money will not be there as promised, meaning that Boise State can severe ties with the Big East with a minimal, or even no buyout.

If Boise State is on their way out, one has to think San Diego State is going to bolt as well, but with their athletic director Jim Sterk being so adamant on the move who really knows what he is thinking. Most likely San Diego State would stay in the Mountain West, and then there is the issue of Houston and SMU.

Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but those two schools should be contacted to join the Mountain West. Yes, a 14-team is big, but they are some quality teams and should at least be considered.