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2012 Poinsettia Bowl final score: Kyle Van Noy has huge game in BYU's win over San Diego State

BYU linebacker Kyle Van Noy single-handedly defeated San Diego State.


The 2012 Poinsettia Bowl looked to be in the hands of San Diego State for most of the game, but they could not put points up on the board. That caught up with them as the BYU defense, specifically Kyle Van Noy, turned the heat up as they scored a pair of defensive touchdowns in their 23-6 win.

BYU scored 20 points in the final quarter to pull away from the game, and it most of that was set up by Van Noy. Van Noy a blocked punt, 1.5 sacks, an interception a forced fumble, a fumble recovery and a two touchdowns. One of those touchdown's is from the GIF below, and the other was a 17-yard interception return.

Here is a brief look at Van Noy's dominance:


The game was 6-3 in favor of San Diego State at the half, and both field goals were chip shots within 30 yards. The BYU defense held the Aztecs out of the end zone early on, and for the entire game.

The San Diego State offense had issues moving the ball consistently, as quarterback Adam Dingwell had one of his worst games of the year by going 12 of 29 for 144 yards, and three interceptions. Overall, San Diego State had five interceptions, and even though they forced BYU into three interceptions they were unable to convert those into points.

The BYU defense just wore down the San Diego State offensive line, but it really was just Van Noy who abused whoever San Diego State put in front of him to try to block.

The loss for San Diego State put an end to their seven game winning streak.