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PODCAST: Poinsettia Bowl preview

The definitive San Diego State vs. BYU Poinsettia Bowl preview.

Jonathan Daniel

The definitive San Diego State vs. BYU Poinsettia Bowl preview.A close game is expected between San Diego State and BYU. We have the listeners covered as we break down this game. Before we get to the game we discuss that the Big East is interested in Fresno State and UNLV, so we give our takes on that.

We then get into this BYU vs. San Diego State game, and how BYU thinks it is not a rivalry game. We all know that Aztecs fans do believe that, and if The Show and local support come then maybe San Diego State can really have a home field advantage.

Look for BYU's defense to give San Diego State some trouble moving the ball for pat of this game, but San Diego State should be able to break through on some level. Also, the key matchup to watch is BYU wide receiver Cody Hoffman against San Diego State DB Leon McFadden. It will be a pair of future NFLers battling it out there.

Have a listen to the show: