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Northern Illinois, not Boise State expected to earn BCS bid

There are reports that Northern Illinois will be playing Florida State in the Orange Bowl.


The Northern Illinois Huskies, not the Boise St. Broncos, are heading to face the Florida St. Seminoles in the Orange Bowl, according to Sports Illustrated's Pete Thamel.

Boise State with two loses were a long shot at earning a BCS bowl bid, and the major hurdle was getting some respect from the computers -- who for some reason hate Boise State. The Broncos needed a lot of help to stay in the discussion of earning a BCS bowl bid, and this past weekend they got everything they need. However, the results were not there.

UCLA loss the Rose Bowl, Northern Illinois won the MAC and the long shot result that went Boise State's way was Wisconsin upsetting Nebraskas in the Big Ten title game. With Wisconsin winning, Boise State was looking like they would have been ranked No. 14 in the coaches poll, but for some reason Oregon State's win over Nicholls St. was deemed worthy enough to shoot them up three spots to No. 14. So, the Broncos stayed at No. 15.

There really should not be too much disappointment among Boise State fans for not making a BCS bowl game, because with two losses it was always a long shot. However, had they played slightly better on special teams against San Diego State it would be Boise State in the Orange Bowl.