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New Mexico Bowl score update: Nevada lead Arizona after 3 quarters, 45-28

Nevada scored 14 points in the third quarter to take a 17-point lead after three quarters.


The New Mexico Bowl has one quarter left to play, and Nevada is looking like they are going to get the win over Arizona. Nevada outscored Arizona 14-0, and how hold a 45-28 lead heading into the final quarter.

The two possessions by Arizona in the third quarter was a three-and-out to start the second half, and then Arizona quarterback Matt Scott threw an interception to Bryson Keeton when the Wildcats were in the red zone.

The first score of the quarter was by Nevada quarterback Cody Fajardo who hooked up with Richy Turner from 33 yards out to go up by 10 ponts.

The big issue that occurred late in the quarter was the two hits to the head that Fajardo endured, plus he hit his right hand on a Arizona defender helmet. After Fajardo hit his hand on that helmet he was looked at on the sideline and a glove was put on.

Then later on Fajardo took a big hit to the head, but on the first hit he stayed in the game. The second hit sandwiched Fajardo which also hurt his right knee -- he now has a brace on that knee. Nevada had to put in backup Devin Combs with Nevada inside the Arizona 10-yard line. One play later Fajardo came back in and scored on a 1-yard touchdown run.

Fajardo is one tough guy, but he is limping a bit, but is expected to play in the third quarter.