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New Mexico Bowl live blog - Nevada vs. Arizona

Good morning (or afternoon if you're back East). MW Connection is live at the New Mexico Bowl with live coverage and reaction to the game between the Nevada Wolf Pack of the Mountain West and Arizona Wildcats out of the Pac-12.


That's your game!

2:40 PM MT:


The Wildcats score 14 points in the last 1:48 of the game to steal with win from the Wolf Pack!

2:39 PM MT – Fajardo's pass intercepted by Flowers for Arizona -- the guy who recovered the onside kick.

13 seconds left. Arizona in the victory formation.

2:39 PM MT – Nevada lets the kickoff go out of the end one.

First down at the Nevada 25. 19 seconds left.

2:37 PM MT Arizona PAT good by John Bonano!

ARIZONA 49, Nevada 48. 19 seconds left.

2:35 PM MT – Two quick passes have Arizona down to the 2 yard line! 22 seconds left

Scott passes to Tyler Slavin for the touchdown, 19 seconds left

Time out Nevada with the PAT coming up.

Tied 48-48!

2:34 PM MT Onside kick recovered by Arizona!! Recovered by Marquis Flowers for the Wildcats.

40 seconds left. Ball at the 49 yard line!

2:31 PM MT – Another pass interference call on Nevada in the end zone. Sets up Arizona at the 2 yard line, first and goal. 46 seconds left.

Scott throws to Hill for a touchdown.

Nevada 48, ARIZONA 41. 42 seconds left.

Onside kick coming.

2:29 PM MT – Wildcats driving... across the 50 yard line. Pass interference on Nevada is going to set Arizona up at the Nevada 27. 1:06 left in the game.

2:27 PM MT – U of A complete pass on 1st down. Fumble after the catch recovered by the Wildcats and run up for a gain.

2:25 PM MT – 25 yard field goal by Allen Hardison good for Nevada.

NEVADA 48, Arizona 35. 1:48 left.

Drive: 10 plays, 30 yards, Time of poss.: 4:27

2:23 PM MT – Nick Hale up the middle for Nevada no gain on 3rd down. Clock at 1:53 left... 4th down and 6 at the Zona 7 yard line. looks like a field goal for Nevada after the Wolf Pack time out.

2:22 PM MT – Third and final charged timeout for Arizona there. 3rd & 5 for Nevada at the 6 yard line. 2:38 left in the game.

2:20 PM MT – My MVP voting was Nevada's Cody Fajardo for offensive MVP, the Wolf Pack's Duke Williams for defensive MVP.

2:19 PM MT – Fajardo runs 2 yards for a 1st down. Nevada 1st down at the Arizona 11. 3:00 and counting left in the game. This game is effectively over barring a turnover.

2:17 PM MT – Timeout. Nevada has it 3rd and 14 at the Wildcat 26 yard line... Hale up the middle for 13. Nevada going for it on fourth down. 4th & 1 at the 13 yard line. Time out Nevada.

2:15 PM MT – Jefferson fumbles on the next play, ball recovered by Nevada's Sudfield.

2:14 PM MT – Decent run for Jefferson negated by the holding penalty. 1st and 2 at the Arizona 32 yard line.

2:12 PM MT – Nevada sets up at the Arizona 37 yard line after the punt. 6:00 and counting in the game.

Both teams have combined for over 1,1100 yards of offense so far today.

Another first down for Nevada...

2:10 PM MT – Arizona's Scott airs it out on 2nd down, too much distance. 3rd down and 6 for U of A at the 9 yard line... incomplete. Nevada's defense holds. 6:26 left. Arizona to punt.
2:08 PM MT – Nevada has broken the all-time bowl record for first downs with 37 for the game.

2:06 PM MT Fajardo completes a 13 yard pass to Brandon Wimberly to keep the drive going. Nevada driving. At the Arizona 45 yard line. Incomplete pass on 2nd down. 3rd and 5 for Nevada, 7:14 left. Fajardo pass is incomplete.

Wolf Pack to punt. 7:01 left 4th quarter. Nevada downs the punt at the Arizona 5 yard line.

2:04 PM MT – Nevada starts their drive at the Wolf Pack 35 yards line. Quickly put in a 3rd down and 7 situation after two runs by Jefferson. 8:25 4th quarter and counting...

2:03 PM MT – Nevada and Arizona's combined offensive out put of 1,076 yards sets a new New Mexico Bowl record.

2:00 PM MT – Scott's 4th down pass intercepted by Nevada's Duke Williams at the Nevada 8 yard line. Ball returned to the 35 yard line after the return.

That's Scott's second interception.

1:59 PM MT Another critical 3rd down for the Wildcats after Ka'Deem Carey is corralled. 3rd and 7. Scott long pass in the end zone broken up by Khalid Wooten for Nevada. 4th down & 7. U of A going for it.

1:57 PM MT – Wildcats now on a 3rd and 5 at the Nevada 45 after an incompletion. Complete pass complete for 4 yards. 4th and inches... Scott keeps and converts. 10:46 left in the game. Arizona driving.

1:55 PM MT – Arizona's fast break offense is looking pretty effective here suddenly. No huddle suits them .Wildcats immediately to the midfield line. 12:00 and counting left in the game.

1:51 PM MT – Three and out for the Wolf Pack. Decent punt return for Arizona. The Wildcats start on their own 37 yard line. 12:49 left in the game. 62 yard punt there. Just the second punt of the game for Nevada.

1:49 PM MT – Nevada starts at it's own 39 after a decent kick off return. Wildcat defense seems to have made some adjustments. Already 3rd and 7 for nevada.

1:48 PM MT Cody Fajardo's 377 yards of total offense has broken the Ne Mexico Bowl record for total offense previously held by the New Mexico Lobos' Donovan Porterie.

1:44 PM MT – 3rd and 10 for Arizona on their own 37.

The Wildcat offense was looking ineffective until that play -- a 63 yard touchdown play from Scott to Austin Hill for a touchdown.

Nevada 45, ARIZONA 35 14:44 left

Drive: seven plays. 89 yards, Time of poss. 1:41

80 points most scored in New Mexico Bowl history. And we still have a full quarter left.

1:40 PM MT – END OF THIRD QUARTER: Nevada 45, Arizona 28

1:37 PM MT – Cody Fajardo has 377 yards of total offense. Nevada has gained 596 total yards, 357 on the ground.

1:33 PM MT – Official attendance just announced: 24,610

1:30 PM MT – Fajardo back in and runs option right for the 1 yard touchdown.

NEVADA 45, Arizona 28. 1:33 left in the 3rd quarter.

Drive: 15 plays, 83 yards. Time of poss. 6:26. Longest drive of the game.

1:28 PM MT – Another strong run by Hal. First and goal for the Wolf Pack.

Fajardo hit hard on the tackle. Didn't move for a second.

Unnecessary roughness penalty on Arizona. Fajardo comes running off the field, waving his arms. 1st and goal at the 3 for Nevada. 2;35 left in the 3rd quarter.

1:26 PM MT – Hale gains the first down with a 2 yard run for Nevada. The Wildcats seem to have no answer for the Wolf Pack offense this quarter. Nevada down to the Wildcat 12 now, 3rd and 1.

1:25 PM MT – A little extra curricular activity there on the line after that last play. Might have cost Nevada a first down. They're going on 4th and 2 at the 22 of Arizona.

1:21 PM MT Nevada again driving methodically, nearing midfield. Nick Hale breaks a big run for the Wolf Pack, runs 25 yards to take Nevada across the 50 to the Arizona 32 yards line. Nevada up to 336 rushing yards.

1:19 PM MT Scott scrambles and his pass across the middle is intercepted by Bryson Keeton for Nevada at the Nevada 16 yard line.

1:18 PM MT – Wildcats driving, playing the short game first then Scott uncorks a 23 yard pass to take Arizona across the 50. 8:09 left 3rd quarter.

1:16 PM MT – Arizona gets the ball back after the touchback on the kick off. Scott comes out throwing and U of A gains 7 yards.

1:12 PM MT – The Wolf Pack strike on a wide open pass from Fajardo to Turner for a 33 yard touchdown.

NEVADA 38, Arizona 28. 9:19 left in the 3rd quarter

11 plays, 89 yards. Time of poss. 4:13

1:09 PM MT – Wolf Pack seems to be going methodical here - short passing and strategic runs.

Looks like a measurement here at the Arizona 33 yard line after the 3rd down run by Nick Hale. Wolf Pack gets the first down

1:07 PM MT – Nevada moving the ball despite the penalty. Fajardo is getting the Wolf Pack moving with the pass tho. And Jefferson is getting going as well. Nevada across the 50 yard line, 11:47 and counting 3rd quarter.

1:04 PM MT – Scott had all day on third down but good coverage down field. He ends up scrambling, does not gain a first down. Three and out for U of A to start the half,

Ensuing punt is mishandled by Nevada's Khalid Wooten but the Wolf Pack take over on their own 11.

1:02 PM MT – Arizona takes the 2nd half kickoff, begins the half at their own 34 yard line. Scott promptly throws an incompletion.




Total Net Yards



Total Plays



Average Gain



Net Yards Rushing






Avg. Per Rush



Net Yards Passing






Yards Per Pass



Sacked-Yards Lost



Had Intercepted















Extra Points






Field Goals









Return Yards


















12:42 AM MT – HALFTIME: Nevada 31, Arizona 28

Last drive for Nevada: 16 plays, 66 yards. Time of possession 4:22

Nevada ties a New Mexico Bowl record with 31 first half points.

59 points in the first half from both teams.

12:41 PM MT – Allen Hardison's 27 yard field goal is good at the final gun for Nevada.

12:38 PM MT – Fajardo flushed out of the pocket, throws it away for Nevada on 2nd down. 3rd down play, Fajardo completes to Turner at the Arizona 10 yard line. 4th down and 5. 2 seconds left in the 2nd quarter.

Nevada takes its last time out of the half.

12:38 PM MT – Jefferson stuffed on the next play. Gains a yard. Time out Nevada. 35 seconds left. 2nd and 20 at the Arizona 23.

12:37 PM MT – After the time out, Fajardo throws it away but Nevada called for holding. 10 yard penalty takes it back to the 24 yard line.

12:35 PM MT – Fajardo again keeps on a crucial 3rd and 3 and converts again. 4 yard run. 1st and 10 on the Arizona 14 yard line. Nevada takes a time out. 49 seconds left in the half.

12:33 PM MT – Fajardo keeps for the first down. Completes the next pass for another 1st down. 1:16 left in the half. Nevada 1st down at the Wildcat 25. Wolf Pack driving...

12:32 PM MT – Nevada offense struggling a bit here. big 3rd down and 14 on the Nevada 46 now...

Fajardo keeps it... almost gets the first down on the run!

4th and 2 on the Arizona 42... Wolf Pack going for it.

12:29 PM MT – Nevada takes over on the 25 yard line.

These two teams have combined for 645 yards of total offense so far, 379 yards on the ground.

12:25 PM MT – Three big runs by Ka'Deem Carey, capped by a nine-yard TD run.

ARIZONA 28, Nevada 28. 4:22 left in the half

Drive was 6 plays, 75 yards. Time of poss. 1:35

Wildcats tie the New Mexico Bowl record with 21 points in a quarter. Nevada set the record in the first quarter.

Who ever took the Over is gonna cash in with this game.

Carey sets the NM Bowl record with 3 touchdowns by a running back.

12:23 PM MT – Wildcats quickly across the 50 yard line. But now on a 3rd & 6 at the Nevada 43 yard line after an incompletion. No problem. Carey gains 6 for the first down.

Ka'Deem Carey up to 108 yards for the game.

12:22 AM MT – Touchback on the ensuing kick off for Arizona.

49 points in the first half is a New Mexico Bowl record.

12:16 AM MT – Fajardo gets another first down for Nevada. 1st and 10 at the Arizona 14 yards line.

Jeffereson runs 14 yards for the touchdown on the next play.

NEVADA 28, Arizona 21. 5:57 left in the half.

Jefferson is over 100 yards - 108 yards to be exact. On 17 carries.

Drive: 11 plays, 76 yards. Time of poss. 4:20. (Marley up, y'all!)

12:16 AM MT – Wolf Pack is across the 50 and driving. First down for Nevada at the Arizona 35 yards line after a 7 yard run for Jefferson, who is approaching 100 yards for the game. 7:23 left in the half.

12:12 AM MT – Nevada takes over, first down on it's own 24 yard line.

Arizona has scored 21 points in just under seven minutes of play. Nevada scored two touchdowns within 24 seconds of each other.

Both teams have a fumble. Both teams have converted that fumble into a touchdown.

12:08 AM MT – Ka'Deem Carey scores on the ensuing play, a one yard dive into the end zone.

ARIZONA 21, Nevada 21. 10:23 left in the 2nd quarter.

8 plays, 59 yards, Time of possession 1:21

This is turning into a video game game.

12:07 AM MT – Scott runs 10 yards for the touchdown. Was hit at the one but backed in... no. Officials rule he wsa down at the one. Damn.

12:04 AM MT – Carey runs for 14 yards on 3rd down for Arizona. Wildcats into Nevada territory.

After an incompletion, U of A moves down to the Nevada 16 yard line on a smart pass by Scott.

Wildcats driving...

12:02 AM MT – Nevada was driving effectively after the 3rd & 7 conversion on the pass by Fajardo. But Arizona forces a fumble on the next play. Wildcats take over on their own 41 yard line.

11:39 left in the 2nd quarter.

11:59 AM MT Some first quarter stats: Nevada had 12 first downs compared to Arizona's 6.

Woflpack had 18 carries for 129 yards, Wildcats nine for 50 yards

Nevada was 9 of 11 passing for 97 yards, Arizona 6 of 11 for 49 yards

Total offense: Nevada 226, Arizona 99

11:56 AM MT Scott keeps for a one-yard run to score a touchdown for Arizona.

Nevada 21, ARIZONA 14. 12:46 left in the 2nd quarter.

Drive: 9 plays, 71 yards, Time of possession 2:10.

11:56 AM MT Arizona drives quickly down and appear to scores on a 10 yard pass from Scott to David Richards but on review officials determine his knee was down at the six-inch line. First and goal U of A. 13:17 left in the 2nd quarter.

Carey stuffed on the ensuing play for no gain.


11:46 AM MT Nevada's Fajardo goes long down the middle for Richy Tuner and is intercepted by U of A's Shaquille Richardson. He returns the ball to the Arizona 19 yard line.

Scott goes lone on the first down and the ball falls incomplete.

11:45 AM MT Nevada's Fajardo scrambles to gain a 1st down on a 3rd & 3 at the Nevada 30 yards line. First down at the Wolf Pack 48 yard line for Nevada.

11:41 AM MT After Scott converted the fourth down (backing his way for 2 yards) Carey runs up the middle 21 yards for Arizona first TD.

Nevada 21, ARIZONA 7. 1:52 left in the first quarter.

Drive was 11 plays, 72 yards. Time of possession was 2:31.

Carey now has 40 yards on seven carries. Scott is 6-10 passing for 49 yards.

11:40 AM MT – Arizona going for it on 4th and 3 at the Nevada 25 yard line after an incompletion in the end zone. Receiver was clearly out of bounds on the throw.

11:38 AM MT – Arizona driving after the kick off return. Wildcats up across the 50 yard line for the first time… now down inside the 30 yard line. Wildcats have gone to a no huddle offense.

11:34 AM MT Fajardo connects with Sudfeld with a 28 yard touchdown pass on the first play following the fumble.

NEVADA 21, Arizona 0. 4:29 left in the first quarter.

1 play, 28 yards, six seconds on the time of possession.

11:33 AM MT – Arizona fumbles on the kick off! Nevada takes over on the Arizona 28 yard line

11:32 AM MT – Fajardo complete a 17-yard pass to Zach Sudfeld for Nevada’s second touchdown. 4:43 left in the first quarter.

Scoring drive was 8 plays, 48 yards. Time of possession was 3:05.

The Wolf Pack offense has gained 172 yards so far, 103 on the ground.

NEVADA 14, Arizona 0

11:28 AM MT – Fajardo converts a big 3rd and 1 for Nevada with 6:27 left in the first quarter. Nevada is driving but Arizona seems to be figuring out the Pistol. Wolf Pack down to the Arizona 37 yard line with 5:51 and counting.

Jefferson breaks a 12 yard run to get another Nevada first down.

11:26 AM MT – Nevada takes over after the poor kick from Arizona’s Kyle Dufandzic for 26 yards.

Nevada scores its first penalty for clipping, bringing back the Wolf Pack. They still get a 13-yard gain on the pass.

There’s a Wildcat player down with an injury after the play - No. 91 Sione Tuihalamaka the starting nose guard

11:23 AM MT – Arizona first down after the long TV timeout. I forgot how much national television retards the flow of the game.

Wildcats start with another false start penalty.

Two completions for Scott, but U of A now faces a 3-15 on its own 22.

Incompletion for Arizona on 3rd down. 3 and out for Arizona.

11:18 AM MT -- Arizona comes up with a big 3rd down play to stop the Nevada drive.

Wolf Pack punt goes into the end zone -- 46 yard punt.

U of A first down on its own 25 yard line. 8:47 left in the first quarter. Nevada still leads 7-0.

11:16 AM MT -- The Nevada offense is definitely getting the better of the play coming out. The Wolf Pack just earned its sixth first down.

And... Fajardo throws his first incompletion... followed by a pitch and run for 11 yards. 7 first downs for Nevada so far. 10;05 left in the first quarter. Nevada driving...

11:13 AM MT -- Arizona punts the ball after a pair of incomplete passes. Nevada takes over at their own 15 yard line.

Ka'Deem Carey had 2 carries for nine yards on that drive. Matt Scott went 1-3 passing for 11 yards.

11:10 AM MT -- Nevada kicks off to Arizona... fumble into the end zone an touchback for U of A.

They'll start from their own 25

On the last drive, Stefphon Jefferson had 4 carries for 41 yards, including the 16 yard TD run.

Fajardo had 2 carries for 24 yards and was 2-2 passing for 10 yards.

The Wolf Pack had no penalties.

Arizona is moving the ball effectively now after starting with a false start penalty.

11:05 AM MT -- Nevada moving the ball pretty effectively so far. Jefferson has 3 carries for 25 yards so far for Nevada. Fajardo is 2-2 passing with 2 carries for 25 yards.

Stephon Jefferson just had a wide open run up the middle for Nevada's first touchdown.

Drive was 8 plays and 75 yards, Time of possession 2:40 .

NEVADA 7, Arizona 0. 12:12 left in the 1st half

11:01 AM MT -- Kickoff!

The ball goes out of the end zone. Nevada ball at their own 25 yard line.

Fajardo is at QB. First play is a QB keep for Fajardo.

10:57 AM MT -- The Arizona Wildcats just came on the field. They're in blue jerseys with red pants and red helmets and white numerals.

The Nevada Wildcats are in white jerseys and pants, blue helmets.

Arizona won the toss and will defer to the second half.

Nevada will defend the north goal and receive the kick off.

10:40 AM MT -- Beinvenido (welcome) from University Stadium in Albuquerque, N.M. where we have kick off of the 7th annual New Mexico Bowl in about 20 minutes. The skies are unusually cloudy and the temperature is at a balmy 38 degrees.

Kick off is soon and the Arizona Wildcats marching band is on the field right now.