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2012 College Football Betting Lines: Mountain West Bowl Picks

Get to your nearest casino as Chris picks the Mountain West Bowl Games.

Miss me?

I thought not.

Bowl games are one of the most fun things to pick because you have the potential to have some really good or really bad matchups. Fortunately, the Mountain West games have some good games to pick because of the spreads (okay fine, and of the games themselves). So let's hop to it:

Overall: 49-30

Editor's note: all spreads are coming from Odds Shark. Please also note that the the favored team will have the spread points. All times are in Pacific Standard Time.

12/15/12, 10:00 AM New Mexico Bowl: Nevada vs Arizona (-8), O/U-73-- POINTS! While the over/under started at 73, it's moved up to 77, however that point spread looks like a lot at eight points. This would be more comfortable if the Wildcats were significantly better than Nevada, but this isn't the case. No "home team advantage" here, but there is an AQ advantage set at -5 (kidding, but only slightly).

My Pick-Nevada beats the spread- To be honest, this game is too close to pick a winner, but that being said: there is a very low chance that Arizona actually covers this. Bet espresso shots because you'll want to be wired while points are scored.

12/15/12, 1:30 PM Famous Idaho Potato Bowl: Toledo vs Utah State (-9), O/U-59-- IT'S SEMI-MACTION! I would say it's complete MACtion, except for the fact that Utah State actually has a defense (hence the "low" over/under). One of two things will happen: either Utah State's defense will keep Toledo at bay and the Aggies will cruise to an easy win, or this game will go HAM and a century of points will be scored with no clear winner until there's missed field goals (which both plagued Utah State AND Toledo this year, ruining them of perfect seasons).

My Pick-Utah State will cover- I really want this game to go HAM. I really want MACtion to occur. However, I can't overlook the fact that Utah State has held their opponents to 14 points or less seven times this season. Bet hot chocolate and hope I'm wrong.

12/20/12, 5:00 PM Poinsettia Bowl: BYU (-3) at San Diego State, O/U-52-- Instead of actually previewing this game, I'll let Aztecs Killing Him do the job for me (CAUTION: STRONG LANGUAGE AHEAD):

This has been the best San Diego State football season I've ever experienced, and what's made it so great are all the familiar skeletons we've finally dragged out of the closet.

The troubling inability to beat a semi-decent non-service academy on the road? We eulogized that shit in Reno.

The impossible challenge of securing a signature win against a ranked national power? Buried Jimmy Hoffa-style under a shroud of blue turf.

The embarrassing lack of Mountain West Conference hardware? Ditched in a Laramie Motel 6. We told it we were going out for a pack of smokes and some Takis and never came back.

Now, sitting right in front of our noses, is the biggest putrefying corpse of all - our tortured history with BYU. It's a chance to repay some pain in what was once a very a one- sided rivalry. To drink the delicious tears of the most self righteous and arrogant fan base west of South Bend and east of South Central. To score a win for a noisy, diverse, left coast, urban state school over the forces of homogeneity, self denial and trampolines. Always with the fucking trampolines.

Poetic justice.

My Pick- San Diego State- They have the home field advantage. The basketball team is not playing, so the students should be out there in full force. They should win any fan brawls. Also, I will take Adam Dingwell over Riley Nelson at this point. Bet fish tacos, because always bet fish tacos.

12/22/12, 12:30 PM Las Vegas Bowl: Washington vs Boise State (-6), O/U-46-- The last time these two teams faced each other, well I'm still trying to put it out of my head. It was eerily similar to the Michigan State game, in the fact that Boise State really should have won, but instead, left Husky Stadium with a head-scratching loss. This game really comes down to which Washington team shows up, the one who beat Stanford, or the one who peed the bed against Wazoo.

My Pick-Boise State covers- Two reasons: one, because I'm a BSU homer, two, because WOW THAT APPLE CUP LOSS WAS ATROCIOUS AND THAT WAS THE LAST THING THEY PLAYED. Bet some Washington Red Delicious Apples on this.

12/24/12, 5:00 PM Hawaii Bowl: Southern Methodist vs Fresno State (-12), O/U-62-- Seriously, what does it take for June Jones to permanently leave the islands? This is a very average Mustang team and the Bulldogs should have no problems dispatching the points on them.

My Pick-Fresno State covers- Yes, this is a large spread, but you have to take this, considering SMU lost to Rice AND Tulane this season. Enough said. Bet a pair of sandals.

12/27/12, Noon Military Bowl: Bowling Green vs San Jose State (-7.5), O/U-49.5-- The Spartans don't make it to bowls very often, but you have to like their record when they do. They are 5-3 and currently on a 2 bowl win-streak. The David Fales-Noel Grigsby Jr. combo has worked out extremely well, and you should expect that to continue.

My Pick-Spartans cover- It's hard to overlook a team who nearly knocked off Stanford at the beginning of the season. Bet a digital copy of 300.

12/29/12, 8:45 AM Armed Forces Bowl: Air Force (-1.5) vs Rice, O/U-61-- Celebrating ten years of American tradition and pride by watching football. I like their website statement when you google it:

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl is a Fort Worth-based college football bowl game recognizing all five branches of the military with patriotic overtones.

Sounds good to me: advantage Air Force.

My Pick-Air Force covers- There is only one reason to this: if you have an Armed Forces Bowl, featuring a team from the Armed Forces, well then, the Armed Forces better win. Confused? No? Well good, because 'Murrica. Bet those GI Joe's you still have that you don't want to get rid of.