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Big East non-football schools expected to split

In a move that could cripple the Big East for good, the non-football playing schools are expected to announce a separation from the league.

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

Breaking news from CBS' Gary Parish this morning, that the seven non-football playing schools in the Big East are expected to announce a separation from the league within a week. This ripple effect, could effectively end the Big East as a conference being that yesterday Dennis Dodd reported that the TV contract is tumbling down to 40 million dollars. With the basketball schools leaving, that number could drop further making the Big East contract not worth the money. With Cincinnati and Connecticut actively looking for outs, Boise State and San Diego State must make their next decision carefully. It would come down to 3 possible options:

1. Boise State and San Diego State stay the course to the Big East, with both of the schools leading the banner in attempts for the Big East to stay relevant in football.

2. The Broncos and Aztecs come back to the Mountain West and possibly bring a couple other schools with them (namely Houston and SMU).

3. The two schools go Independent.

This third option is a dangerous one that has been talked about, specifically on Boise State's side. The scheduling would be difficult however, it would be doable. Get a few Big 4 schools to play 6-10 year contracts, grab a couple Mountain West schools for regional rivalry purposes, and play either UC Davis or Cal Poly on a year to year basis to appease the Big West people (despite their football not being in the Big West). Make a deal with ESPN to get a minimum of 2 million dollars a year for TV rights, even if you have to play weeknights (which the Broncos are no stranger of doing). Where this option seriously falls through, is being stuck in a situation like Idaho, where since not enough schools are willing to play at home, they would have to double up on teams.

Whatever the option is, Boise State and San Diego State better be confident that the final decision is worth it.