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Mike MacIntyre Reportedly Hired as New Colorado Head Coach

The Spartans head coach has reportedly been hired by the Buffalos after success in San Jose.

Stephen Dunn

Mike MacIntyre has been hired as the Colorado's new Head Coach, according to the Denver Post, ESPN and the Mercury News. Anybody who has been paying attention to our future Mountain West incomers, should know that MacIntyre took the Spartans to a 10-2 season this year, finishing No. 24 in the BCS regular season polls. After being hired in 2010 to take over for Dick Tomey, MacIntyre led the Spartans to a 1-12 season, however immediately turned it around the next season, going 5-7 in the 2011.

For Colorado, this is a good hire, especially after the embarrassment that was the Butch Jones "he's hired, but he's not really hired" incident that happened last week. For MacIntyre, this is a good opportunity to start a team from scratch again, like he did with the Spartans. I think personally, if we're going by the rumors that he turned down the Cal job last week, this move is a little confusing. Cal had much more prestige and he's familiar with the area, while Colorado administration cut Embree on an extremely short leash (only 2 years).

For the Spartans, with a win in the Armed Forces Bowl, they could possibly attract a coach looking to rebuild a reputation with a team who could be a darkhorse for the Mountain West starting in 2013. Hmm...rebuilding reputations...Bobby Petrino, Gene Chizik, or better yet: Jeff Tedford.