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Week 14 SB Nation BlogPoll: Boise State moves up two spots

In the latest SB Nation BlogPoll is out and Boise State moved up to the No. 23 spot.

Brian Losness-US PRESSWIRE

The latest SB Nation BlogPoll is out, and to no surprise Notre Dame is the top team, but what is up with Ohio State getting three first place votes. They have played a terrible Big Ten schedule, and struggled against bad teams, and just because they are 12-0 does not mean they automatically earn a first-place vote.

Notre Dame takes 61 of those votes with Alabama taking five, and then both Georgia and Florida earning a vote. However, the big them this week was that the non-BCS schools made a big jump. There are four overall and the MAC has Kent State at No. 17 and Northern Illinois is at 18.

Future Mountain West member Utah State is No. 20, and soon-to-be-maybe-former-member Boise State is No. 23. Yet, there is no San Diego State despite them winning seven straight games and is 9-3, but somehow Texas is still ranked at 8-3.