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Boise State, San Diego State still committed to the Big East

Not that this is a shock, but Boise State and San Diego State praised the additions of Tulane and East Carolina to the Big East.

Stacy Revere

Boise State's Bob Kustra and San Diego State's Jim Sterk both once again reaffirmed their dying love to the Big East conference, even after the league added Tulane and East Carolina. The idea was an obvious move to off set the potential loss of Cincinnati, Louisville or Connecticut.

The Big East is apparently looking to build a national conference and Sterk is fully behind this move, and agrees it looks like an upgraded Conference USA:

"At one point a year and a half ago, there was talk of a Conference USA and Mountain West merger," Sterk said "I think what the Big East has done is picked the (teams) that made sense for them at the time. I think the Big East has cherry picked the schools that fit the profile that they want."

The Big East is trying to get into large media markets, but New Orleans is 53rd and Greenville is 36th. The funny thing is that Big East commissioner Mike Aresco is touting that he has nine schools in the top 100 media markets. That is nothing to brag about. Also, adding Memphis who is awful at football is not a move that some would have made.

Aresco is still saying that the Big East's rich tradition will help them in television negotiations, but how does tradition work if none of those teams are in your conference. He also mentioned that plans are still in place to add Western schools, and there were multiple one's who were interested.

Then there is Boise State athletic director Kustra who released a statement backing the move:

"Boise State welcomes East Carolina and Tulane to the conference as the Big East solidifies its membership with these additions. The Big East is proactively responding to the national changes in conference affiliations, and Boise State remains committed to building and competing in a strong Big East future."

Technically, they are proactive, but I can't wait to hear how Boise State fans will enjoy traveling to play a football game against Tulane. Take away the awesome city of New Orleans, and just focus on football and you have New Mexico-type talent on the field.

Kustra and Sterk are still full on board and toeing the company line, but man it has to be tough with Tulane being a positive to the league.