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UNM senior QB B.R. Holbrook likely back against Colorado State

Senior quarterback B.R. Holbrook looks to make his return in his final collegiate game for the New Mexico Lobos this Saturday at the Colorado State Rams.

UNM senior QB B.R. Holbrook
UNM senior QB B.R. Holbrook
Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE

He missed Senior Day at University Stadium, but senior quarterback B.R. Holbrook is likely to return for the final game of his collegiate career this Saturday when the New Mexico Lobos travel to Ft. Collins, Colo. to take on the Colorado State Rams.

"I think pretty good," said Lobos head coach Bob Davie of Holbrook during his weekly press conference Tuesday afternoon. "He was up there last night again watching tape. I said, ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ He said, ‘Coach, I know I want to do this.’

Holbrook plans to play against CSU

Holbrook has been sidelined since separating his shoulder in the first half of the Lobos’ 49-32 loss to the Fresno State Bulldogs. The senior has suffered a multitude of injuries in his five year stint with New Mexico. Holbrook was knocked out of the second game of the year at the Texas Longhorns this season. His 2011 season was shortened by a knee injury and he also suffered a shoulder injury in 2010 that sidelined him for a time.

"If you watched pre-game warm-ups Saturday you know he threw better than the other two quarterbacks we had throwing," said Davie. "For him, I hope that he plays. I’d like to see him play and finish out (his career). We’re taking him with us and counting on him playing. We’ll know more later this week but he’s a remarkable guy."

Hobrook said in a report by KRQE TV in Albuquerque that he had not been cleared to play by doctors but said he was planning on suiting up and playing on Saturday against the Rams.