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SDSU AD to hold Press Conference at Noon PT today

Could be nothing, could be everything...let's find out

Tons of speculation about Brett McMurphy's report that BYU, Boise State and San Diego State have been taking place. It seems like everybody (probably just me) is panicking about what could be a death blow to the Big East. However on XX1090 Sports Radio out of San Diego this morning, SDSU AD Jim Sterk assured that the Aztecs would be moving forward to the Big East.

Here's the homework assignment: Listen to the press conference today at noon, and figure out whether Sterk sounds confident in repeating what he said earlier this morning, or whether this is an elaborate scheme to cover their tracks. We'll give an update after the press conference is over and using the great power of the internet: we will have a thoughtful and intellectual conversation about the whole thing.

Nah, I'm just kidding, we're going to scream obscenities while being assured that BSU and SDSU will continue the path to the Big East.

Update: Sterk firmly confirms that both Boise State and San Diego State intend on moving forward to Big East. He talked about the Big East AD's were on conference call yesterday and today. He also has not been looking for any exit clauses.