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Impact Factor: Geraldo Boldewijn returns to play this week

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We're taking a small look as to how Boldewijn can impact the Broncos anemic offense.

Brian Losness-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

WARNING: Bias writing ahead!

The Flying Dutchman returns to the Broncos this week. Geraldo Boldewijn is back after serving a four-game suspension for NCAA violations. What does this mean for the Broncos? It means that Joe Southwick finally has a deep threat option. So far, through four games, Southwick has tried the deep ball only a few times, the aim was targeted at either Matt Miller or Aaron Burks. Almost every single ball was overshot by a good 3-4 yards. Boldewijn, through limited action last year, averaged 14.0 yards per completion through eight games. While it doesn't mean much, if you took those numbers and placed them into this season, he'd be leading the team in yards per catch by almost 3 full yards. Also, Boldewijn's speed matches more of the deep threat, rather than either Miller or Burks who will catch and run for distance. The key is now, will Robert Prince feel more at ease calling those deep routes? He better, because the Broncos just became a little more Oranje at the receiver position.