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College football rankings: Kansas State tops our SB Nation BlogPoll draft

Kansa State finally moves up to our top spot in the SB Nation BlogPoll

Matthew Holst

Let me make this clear, I really think that Oregon is the best team in college football, but I base some of my rankings on who teams have played. Well, the Ducks schedule has fallen flat due to the Pac-12 not being as strong as it has been, plus their schedule is backloaded with games against Oregon State, USC and Stanford.

Alabama's schedule gets tougher too, but Kansas State has played enough tough teams to deserver the top spot at least this week. Their offense had no issues getting past a Texas Tech defense that is one of the best in the nation, and they also recently stone-walled West Virginia's offense. So, why not put them in the top spot for at least this week.

As for the ballot overall, we once again have the delta arrows all over the place. I do drop Boise State one spot, and that has nothing to do about their easy win over Wyoming, but rather other teams that should be higher; the team that made the leap was Texas A&M who crushed Auburn.

So here is our BlogPoll: