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No decision has been made on seventh major bowl game

There are conflicting reports about if there will be a seventh major bowl game.

Andy Lyons

There are now varying reports about if there is going to be a seventh major bowl game, which would feature a non-major league. ESPN's Brett McMurphy reported that the bowl game was most likely off due to the lack of revenue it would bring in.

However, Big East commissioner Mike Aresco told CBS Sports that there still is support for a seventh major bowl game:

"The commissioners have all voiced support for this," Aresco said. "I don't know where the talk of it not happening came from, but we're pretty confident it can get done. We think it has real value."

As for a decision on this seventh game, Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott was on the Tim Brando radio show, and said a decision has yet to be made:

"Whether there are going to be six of seven (bowls), that's an open question ... Any speculation on a seventh bowl is premature," Scott said.

Both reports could be right, the one where the bowl game is not going to happen, and then this from Aresco who says conference commissioner's have expressed their support. However, what commissioners? They could be from the non-major conferences, which now includes the Big East.

As for Scott, there is just nothing official about adding another bowl game, and he is right that a vote to go with another big money bowl game is down the road.

For the Mountain West, they need to hope that this seventh bowl does happen, because if it does not, their league champion will forever be stuck playing a 6-6 or 7-5 Pac-12 team in the Las Vegas Bowl.