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Week 9 College Football Betting Lines - A Modern Major-Betting-Blogger

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A quick guide on how to bet for this week's Mountain West games.


With apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan.

I am the very model of modern major-betting-blogger.

To know the over/unders is something that makes the hours longer.

Although I seem not to realize that most people don't care unless they're money-mongers.

It does help that I make the "Elements Song" melody find interest for you youngsters.

Knowing that I went undefeated all last week.

I hope I made sure that I didn't hit my peak.

For if that happened then this post afterwards would still seem bleak.

And then as a Major-Betting Blogger that would make me very weak.

Last week: 6-0

Overall: 40-22

Editor's note: all spreads are coming from Odds Shark. Please also note that the the favored team will have the spread points. All times are in Pacific Standard Time.

10/26/2012, 5:00 PM Nevada (-2.5) at Air Force, O/U-65-- After conceding an overtime win to SDSU last week, Vegas has almost zero confidence in Nevada. Think for a second that home-field advantage garners a -3 to the home team, and realize that without that, Nevada would still only be favored by 5.5 points. Personally, I think they are much better than that and considering that Air Force nearly lost to New Mexico and gave up 338 yards rushing to ONE PERSON (a very special Kasey Carrier), Nevada should have no problem in this rebound game.

My Pick-Nevada covers easily- Troy Calhoun doesn't troll hard enough in this game and Nevada wins by 10 or more. Bet a pair of cheap aviators for the Flyboys and Frat-boys alike.

10/27/12, 11:00 AM Utah State (-23) at UTSA, O/U-50-- Utah State is on top of the WAC standings. That is all. UTSA's only WAC win has come against NMSU and they were slaughtered my SJSU last week. Expect more of the same.

My Pick-Utah State covers- Nothing else really needs to be said. Bet lots of hot sauce because it's going to be one spicy beatdown.

10/27/12, 12:30 PM Fresno State (-15) at New Mexico, O/U-55-- Yes, I know New Mexico was originally favored, but I'm calling that a fluke. Expect lots of yards from Gautsche and Carrier but expect the score to be lopsidedly in Fresno State's favor.

My Pick-Fresno State barely covers- Is two touchdowns too much, considering the Lobos gave BSU a hard time? Yes, but at the same time, BSU has always had a hard time stopping the option. Bet a "How To Bet For Dummies" style book, because I'll probably get this wrong.

10/27/12, 12:30 PM Boise State (-14) at Wyoming, O/U-51-- Dave Christensen says his suspension is f_____g b______t, man. I agree, but with a different coach at the helm for this game, even the sub-40 degree temperatures won't help Wyoming. Trouble looks to wrassle up the Cowboys, and Boise State defense should be able to lasso up any offense attack.

My Pick-Boise State covers- In the "who is the best 1-_ team in the Mountain West," contest, UNLV did no favors for itself, and Wyoming won't be able to either. Bet some soap for that potty mouth.

10/27/12, 1:00 PM Texas State at San Jose State (-21), O/U-56-- I'm still confused as to how the Spartans are this good, but I'm not complaining. After a dominating effort over UTSA last week, SJSU will look to continue beating up on FBS newbies. Expect Grigsby to have a 100+ yard, 2 TD receiving game.

My Pick-SJSU to cover- It's a tough one, but after they covered a huge spread last week, my confidence in them is only going up. Bet some Ghiradelli chocolates for after-game delight.

10/27/12, 4:00 PM Hawaii at Colorado State (-5.5), O/U-52.5-- Only reason why CSU has a huge advantage here...

Click the yfrog link...

My Pick-CSU covers easily- There's no other reason to see why Hawaii would win this game...unless they pull out some retro unis. Bet some hot chocolate, because it's going to get cold.

10/27/12, 5:00 PM UNLV at San Diego State (-18), O/U-59-- This is SDSU's chance to dominate UNLV to show that they belong in the top tier of the MWC (and with that, the Big East next year). For UNLV, it's another chance to show improvement by keeping it close and possibly upsetting an Aztec team who might be on an ego high.

My Pick-UNLV beats the spread- 18 points is a lot, and while the Aztecs did win in OT last week, I can't foresee them stomping on a lowly Rebel squad. Call it the I-15 Classic, so that means you should bet a certain delicious fast food joint that Oregon State players get when they win games...