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Seventh major bowl game appearing less likely

The 2014 college football playoffs are looking to be hosting six bowls, and not the seventh that was previously reported.

Kevin C. Cox

The proposed seventh major bowl game that was going to feature a non-major conference is now likely going to be scrapped, according to ESPN. There was talk about a month ago that the Big East, Mountain West, Conference USA, MAC and Sun Belt would have the best team of that group compete in a major bowl game, likely against a Big 12 or Pac-12 team. Now, this extra bowl game is very much in question, and probably not going to happen.

The reason that the seventh bowl is not going to happen is due to the lack of revenue the game would generate:

"I think everyone has realized the seventh bowl is not on the level with the other contract bowls," a source said. "The question was, how much can we get for this game? It didn't sound like it was a lot."


"Three weeks ago it was probably 90-10 (that a seventh bowl game would happen), now I would put it at less than 50 percent," another source said.

The Champions and Rose Bowl are expected to bring in $80 million, the Organe projects at $60 million while this proposed seventh bowl would bring in only $25 million. So, I guess $25 million is not enough to entice these typical money grabbers at putting on a game. That $25 million is way more than the bowl than say the Big East and Mountain West champion would generate if they were tied in together.

I think that amount of money is appropriate for say a Louisville or Nevada going up against the second, or maybe third, Big 12 or Pac-12 school.

Now, unless these non-major conference strike a deal with on of the six bowl games -- perhaps something to what the BCS requires for non-AQ teams at this time would be appropriate -- they are likely going to be on the outside looking in.