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Breaking down New Mexico RB Kasey Carrier's 338 yard day

New Mexico running back Kasey Carrier set a Mountain West record with 338 yards.

Cooper Neill

New Mexico Lobos running back Kasey Carrier's record-setting day where he rushed for a Mountain West record 338 yards. It is a given that he will be the Mountain West player of the week, and while I haven't checked, he should the national player of the week. His rushing performance Saturday is the most rushing yards in one game this season.

Now, we will break down his amazing day. First off, this was not even a top-10 all-time single game rushing performance.

The No. 10 single-game rushing performance was Garrett Wolfe of Northern Illinois who rushed for 364 yards in against Ball State in 2006. Those wondering the top spot, it belongs to LaDanian Tomlinson who rushed for 406 yards against UTEP in 1999.

8.7 – This is the average yards per carry that Carrier achieved to get his 338 yards.

7 -- The number of rushes that went over 10 yards.

3 -- Amount of carriers over 35 yards: 37, 59 and 68 yards.

48.5 – The percent that three runs in the prior stat accounted for in Carrier's record-setting day.

36 – Number of players to have a 300 yard rushing game since 2000, comes out to 2.77 per year, more than I thought.

5 – The spot where his single-game performance rates over the last 12 years.

2 – Jumped nearly a dozen spots, and is now second in the nation in yards per game.

5 – Moved up to the fifth spot in total rushing yards.

Those are just some numbers to chew on. Also, what is amazing that he didn't have so many big yard runs. Even if the three rushes over 30 yards he still would have had a solid day with 174 yards.