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VIDEO: Wyoming's Dave Christensen has profane rant toward Air Force's Troy Calhoun

Wyoming head coach Dave Christensen blows up post game toward Air Force's Troy Calhoun.

Cooper Neill

So, we all heard how the Mountain West verbally reprimanded Wyoming Cowboys head coach Dave Christensen over his complaining toward the actions that Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun due to the time it took for play to resume when quarterback Conner Dietz left the game due to his helmet coming off.

Christensen felt the time delay was unethical, and pretty much called it an extra time out to prepare backup quarterback Kale Pearson:

"In this game we're supposed to be ethical, and that's not ethical," Christensen said. "I don't know what they teach at Air Force, but I'm not going to teach that to my kids. I want my guys to get off the field when they're hurt, and we don't want to stop the game."

What probably made Christensen so mad is that Pearson came in and scored from five yards out for the game-winning touchdown. I can see where Christensen was upset, but shouldn't he know what play to expect? There was no way that Calhoun was going to call a pass play, so he knew what was coming. Also, with that extra time, couldn't have he prepared his team to stop the run.

What makes this such a big deal now, is that someone filmed Christensen post game swearing multiple times toward Calhoun. He also takes a couple personal swipes at Calhoun, for those who don't know Calhoun is an Air Force graduate.

Christensen finishes it with, "Get in your press conference, fly boy!" To make matters worse, this game was on Military appreciation night.

Again, video is not safe for work, so bust out your head phones if you want to give this a listen.

We will see if the Mountain West disciplines Christensen further after seeing this outburst.

Big h/t to Dr. Saturday for finding this gem.