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Introducing "Fan Art Fridays"

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Join in every Friday as YOU, the reader, get a chance to make your own art!

Do you love your team? (hint: the answer is yes) Do you wish that your team's logo was slightly tweaked or uniforms were completely changed? Here's YOUR CHANCE to send in some concept art! We're calling it "Fan Art Fridays" and it's going to be fun (or hopefully at least!). Preferably we want your Mountain West team, but any team pro or college is fine by us.

Here's what you do:

1. Use your favorite picture editing program and create your own concept logo or jersey. We actually have a template here that you can use (all credit goes to SCHelmetProject and Drunkeneskimofo of Cockytalk for creating a blank template):


For those who want to do a different sport (such as basketball, baseball or hockey), there are various other templates you can find online.

2. Draw your concept/logo.

3. Upload it to a flickr or facebook or twitter account (Or if you really want to, you can email me ( or Jeremy (

4. For extra trolling or hate week purpose, "redesign" your rivals logo to suit your needs (anything NSFW will not be posted).

Here's my redesign of the BSU logo, mixing the old with the new:


I would use it for a possible endzone redesign...

Now it's YOUR TURN! Post your concept art of whatever in the comments below. We'll choose some our favorites to feature in next week's post!