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Cody Fajardo expected to start against San Diego State

After missing a game and a half with a hip injury, Nevada QB Cody Fajardo is going to start against San Diego State.


Nevada Wolf Pack quarterback Cody Fajardo took a hit late in the Wyoming game two weeks ago, and that hit injured his hip and cost him the rest of that game. Fajardo also sat out last week's game against rival UNLV with the same injury, but Fajardo did not appreciate the decision. At the time it was the right move to make as they were playing an inferior UNLV team, or they thought. Nevada nearly blew that game, and it would have been a huge if they did actually lose.

After sitting out against UNLV, head coach Chris Ault will be putting Fajardo in the lineup against San Diego State:

Ault called Fajardo's situation "day-to-day," but said he expects him to play against SDSU. The key to whether Fajardo plays is his ability to run in Nevada's read-option Pistol. Fajardo admitted he wouldn't have been able to run like he's accustomed to against UNLV, but figures he will against SDSU.

"If I would have played, I would have been at square one this week and I didn't want to go through that again with, ‘Am I going to play? Am I not going to play?'" Fajardo said. "Taking the week off was beneficial. It helped my arm recover and let all my other muscles recover."

Hearing that explanation makes holding out Fajardo an excellent move for Nevada. Not that Devin Combs is a bad quarterback, but he is not Fajardo and would have struggled once he got to playing teams like San Diego State, Fresno State and Air Force.

Now that Fajardo is basically 100 percent, look for him to have a huge game this week against the Aztecs.