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SB Nation BlogPoll: Notre Dame makes a big jump to No. 3

Notre Dame moves up to No. 3 in our latest BlogPoll rankings

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

Our Week 7 SB Nation BlogPoll draft is out, and once again there are a lot of changes in the latest draft. Oregon and Alabama still claim our top two spots, but after that things change quite a bit. Notre Dame, Florida, LSU, Ohio State and Oregon State make big jumps either within, or into the top 10.

Notre Dame climbs to No. 2, and respect is finally given to an undefeated Ohio State and Oregon State. Well, Ohio State is more of a ranking adjust, they should have been higher in our poll last week.

West Virginia obviously takes a huge dive after they were humiliated by Texas Tech, and the Red Raiders enter the poll at No. 16. Yes, they are ranked ahead of West Virginia despite not being ranked the week prior.

Now, onto the poll.