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PHOTO: Another look at Boise State's black uniforms

More photos released on Boise State's black uniforms

On Saturday, it was announced that Boise State would be joining the club of wearing all-black uniforms. This will take place when they host UNLV, but some people -- don't want no name names Chris Hondros -- who do not like the black uniforms due to Boise State not actually having black in their uniform, or even school colors.

Well, I can get on board with that, but the uniforms do look awesome, especially the black helmets. The reason schools do this is to get recruits excited about their program, and it gives them a bump on the national scene.

Lost Letterman uncovered some more photos of the black uniforms, these are a helmet and cleat shot. Both look awesome:


Here is a gallery of photos from the Boise State athletic department.

Despite Boise State straying from their traditional blue and orange, these uniforms do look good in my opinion.