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Video of the black uniform release

"Back In Black" is the theme, even though Boise State has never worn black...

Here is the video for the Boise State black uniform release. As you can see, the title sequence before the video starts says "Coming Soon." Let's assume "soon" means "next week" because that would make the most sense. Tommy Smith models the new uniform and by looking at the screencaps from the previous post, we can see that it is a similar design to the other ProCombat uniforms.

Things I actually like about the new uniform: they used blue to accent and not orange. We are not Oregon State and we should not act like we are. I also like the matte look of the helmet.

Things I hate: The fact that we are using black. Idaho uses black in their uniforms, and we are not Idaho. Many other schools have a blackout, even though black is not in the color scheme. I do not want to copy other schools, ESPECIALLY BYU, to which our uniform looks eerily similar to.

Do you like the new uniforms? Post your comments below!