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Garrett Grayson injury update: Colorado State QB could be back before end of the month

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Colorado State quarterback Garrett Grayson who broke his clavicle could be back on the field for their Oct. 27 game against Hawaii.

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

Colorado St. Rams starting quarterback Garrett Grayson is recovering much more quickly than expected from his broken clavicle. The normal recover time is 4 to 6 six weeks, but Grayson could be back on the field just three weeks after his injury.

Grayson had surgery just last week, and if he is able to go in three weeks he would have missed just two games, and he would be back for the Oct. 27 matchup against Hawaii.

Head coach Jim McElwain described the break as a bad one, but he is now optimistic that Grayson can return this season:

"It was a horrible break, but they plated it," McElwain said. "It's actually going to be stronger when it starts to heal because of that plate."

Asked again if Grayson would be back prior to the end of the season, he said, "We'll see, but we're not striking that out of the record, either."

The team is currently being led by M.J. McPeek, and he has not performed much worse than Grayson. McPeek has thrown for about half has many yards as Grayson in just two games compared to four. Grayson has thrown seven touchdowns to two interceptions, while McPeek has three scored and two picks.

Not sure if there will be a quarterback controversy come the week of the Hawaii game, but it could come down to how well McPeek does against San Diego State this weekend. If he has a good game then look for fans to call for McPeek to remain the starter.