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Boise State's Brent Pease To Florida Is Not A Done Deal, Alabama Is Also A Possibility

Earlier on Friday it was reported that Boise State offensive coordinator Brent Pease was heading to take over the offense for the Florida Gators, but that is not the case anymore. Once again according to the Gainesville Sun's Pat Dooley, Pease was in Gainseville today and will meet with Alabama head coach on Tuesday.

This just all seems to be a mess at the moment with all the different reports that are coming out. The final location is not set in stone, but it seems that Pease is not going to back at Boise State.

One good point was made about Pease at Florida is that he does not have any coaching relationships, but over at Alabama Pease knew Saban when he was a quarterback for the Houston Oilers and Saban was an assistant with the team.

Or this could be a ploy to get the two schools in a bidding war over his services.

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