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Changes Are Coming At Colorado State, Starting With New On-Campus Stadium

There is a lot of changes going on with the Colorado St. Rams football team. Starting with hiring a new new head coach, new athletic director, new assistants coaches and now the expectation of a new on-campus stadium. New athletic director Jack Graham is now saying a new on-campus stadium will happen:

"A new stadium is going to happen. This is not a 'maybe it's going to happen' kind of a conversation. We are actively moving toward the construction of a stadium on our campus and it is going to happen," Graham said.

The cost of the stadium will range between $100 - $200 million, and Graham pledges that none of the money will come from state tax payers. Instead the money will come from donations and fundraising efforts. There has been no location decided yet for the new stadium on campus with an expected date for the project to be completed is in time for the 2014 season.

The plan is to have a much better game atmosphere with an on-campus stadium instead of Hughes Stadium which is currently a few miles west of campus.

This is a new era for Colorado State football and hopefully the program can get back to the days when they were successful when Sonny Lulbick was the head coach.

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