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Boise State's Chris Petersen Signs New Five-Year Contract Worth $2 Million Per Year

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Boise State's Chris Petersen is getting paid!

Petersen is being rewarded with a new five-year contract worth at least $2 million per season. In 2012 Petersen made $1.625 million and his last contract gave him a $100,000 bump in salary per year and an extra year added on to his deal when Boise State won eight wins in a season.

The $2 million per year salary puts Petersen in the top-third of all FBS coaches and will make him the highest paid non-AQ coach, well that is until Boise State goes to the Big East in 2013.

Petersen was offered $4 million by UCLA, but he said no to them. Just for fun, I looked at a cost of living calculator and the $2 million Petersen will make living in Boise translates to needing $2.83 million living in Los Angeles. So, even with the extra expenses living in Los Angeles the $4 million per year deal would be a signifiant raise. However, coaching a bad team that lacks heart and skips out on practices brings down the value that UCLA job quite a bit.

The raise is well deserved and is a huge increase from his first contract in 2006 when Petersen made $500,000 per year when he took over for Dan Hawkins.

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