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2012 Senior Bowl: Kellen Moore Asked To Pick Between Columbus Or Shakespeare By A NFL Scout

Yes, that is a real question that Boise St. Broncos quarterback Kellen Moore was asked during Senior Bowl practices by an NFL scout. Moore was asked who he would rather meet betwen Christopher Columbus or William Shakespeare, well Moore went with Shakespeare.

These are the type of dumb, meaningless and stupid questions that NFL scouts are asking to players. I get that some are to just get a reaction or in this case to see if Moore even knew who the two historical figures were.

Too bad the name of the scout is not mentioned in the tweet, but come on how is this question remotely related in the evaluation of Moore or any other player in the Senior Bowl. I guess it looks good that Moore knew who the two were and did not have to ask for some assistance.

Get ready for a lot of these questions leading up to the NFL Draft.

Over at SB Nation, their scout broke down what Moore had to say about Columbus and how it translates to the NFL:

  • Appreciates Columbus' skills as a destroyer of entire people groups. Is winner.
  • Does not believe all's well that ends well. Is not winner.
  • "Thou wouldst as soon go kindle fire with snow/ As seek to quench the fire of love with words." Dunno, seems like he'd suck in cold weather?
  • Likes how Columbus spread disease throughout the Caribbean. Is locker room cancer.
  • Disapproves of Shakespeare's adaptations of so many previous works. Will refuse to learn pro-style playbook.
  • Has no regard for Shakespeare's 154 sonnets. Will struggle with NFL verbiage

Again, be ready for these irrelevant questions.

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