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If College Football Had A Playoff: No. 1 LSU Vs. No. 7 Boise State

The Final Four is set and the first matchup is the top seeded LSU Tigers taking on the No. 7 seeded Boise St. Broncos. This would be an intriguing game with the SEC going up against the Mountain West and to see if the unmovable LSU defense would be phased by Boise State's passing attack.

I think that Boise State could put up some points, similar to what Oregon did in Week 1, but probably not enough to pull out a win. For all the crap that LSU offense took in the Alabama game by scoring only nine points, they did average 38.5 per game and could get some points against Boise State's defense.

Boise State
43.3 PPG 38.5 PPG
483.1 Total YPG 375.3 Total YPG
172.75 Rushing YPG 215.5 Rushing YPG
310.30 Passing YPG 160.2 Passings YPG
18.3 Points allowed per game 10.5 Points allowed per game
315.6 Yards allowed per game 252.1 Yards allowed per game
110.0 Rushing yards allowed per game 85.46 Rushing yards allowed per game
210.8 Passing yards allowed per game 166.6 Passing yards allowed per game
+9 Turnover margin +22 turnover margin
1.67 Sacks per game 2.77 Sacks per game

I would never count Boise State out of any game, but this might be the end of the line for them going up against this defense. My prediction would be LSU 34 Boise State 24.

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