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If College Football Had A Playoff: Final Four Is Set

There were a few upsets in the round of eight which saw No. 7 Boise State beat out No. 3 Oklahoma State, and even though this was done through voting I could see that result happening. The other upset was a minor one with No. 6 Alabama defeating No. 5 Oregon. Top seeded LSU and Alabama moved on as well. Here is the latest bracket and remember reseeding is done in each round, also the Final Four would be played at non-campus location as well.

No. 1 LSU Tigers Vs. No. 7 Boise St. Broncos
No. 2 Alabama Crimson Tide Vs. No. 6 Arkansas Razorbacks

What an odd pairing with three SEC teams and then Boise State from the Mountain West.

Voting resumes later today with the LSU vs. Boise State matchup.