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Wyoming's Alvester Alexander Opens Up About His Decision To Go Pro

This past Friday was when Wyoming Cowboys running back Alvester Alexander announced he was going pro and he gave a vague response about making the move for his family. Now Alexander has opened up with specifics about his decision with Optimum Scouting (via Cowboy Altitude):

" I have a talent. I think I can make some team someplace, and hopefully can lead to a better situation for my family. There's just a lot of stuff going on with my family."

Alvester's father is regularly in the hospital, needing treatment for a variety of medical illnesses. While not currently in the hospital, he still needs care at home, a task his mother adds to her plate. She also works full-time to support his medical costs as well as others to support the family.

"It's just a lot going on right now. I think I have the talent to make it to the pros. I know I'm not a hot commodity right now, but I need to, and think I can, make the most of my talents."

Alexander is probably a late-round draft pick at best, but Cowboy Altitude points out that had he stayed his stock could decrease:

Even if Alexander had come back for his senior year it may have been hard to increase his draft stock much higher. With the Cowboys running a spread offense that heavily rotates running backs it would have been very tough for him to increase his touches. His carries dropped from 189 in 2010 to 152 in 2011. The backfield for the Cowboys was just going to be even more crowded in 2012. If Alexander had gotten the same amount of carries this year as he did in 2010 he would have finished with a career high 863 yards. He averaged four less carries per game this year.

One thing that Alexander has going for him is his speed where he was clocked at a 4.39 and he is a versatile back who can catch the ball. To make a team Alexander will likely have to play special teams to make a NFL roster. For all the struggles he has with his father hopefully Alexander can get drafted to be able to help out his family.

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