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2012 NFL Draft: Wyoming RB Alvester Alexander Forgoes Senior Season

The Wyoming Cowboys had a trio of running backs last year with Alvester Alexander expected by a lot of people (or at least myself) to be the best back on the Wyoming roster. The 2012 season was to be more of the same, but Alvester will not be around to find out how the running back situation is going to unfold. Alvester announced on Friday that he is forgoing his final year of eligibility to enter the 2012 NFL Draft:

"Alvester (Alexander) has decided that he wants to make himself eligible for the NFL Draft at this time," said Christensen. "He feels that this decision is best for he and his family. It is his decision to make, and we can only wish him the best of luck as he pursues this next step in his career. We thank Alvester for his contributions over the past three seasons, including helping us to earn two bowl appearances."

The good news is that Alexander has yet to hire an agent and can change his mind by the Jan. 16 deadline for players to declare for the draft, but that seems unlikely.

Here some quotes from Alexander via Wyoming beat writer Robert Gagliardi on twitter:

Alexander: "This is the best thing for my family right now with what's going on at home and around me. ...I made this decision on my own."

"I never had a bad experience at Wyoming. ... I loved the place, I loved the fans and I loved all I had out there."

Alexander said he was told: "With my athleticism and talent I have I have the potential to work myself up to being drafted."

Looks like Alexander is doing this to help out his family, so hopefully he does get drafted by a NFL team do to that. In my amateur draft opinion, Alexander will probably be at best a fifth round pick. Alexander left as the No. 9 rusher with 2,127 yards in school history and rushed for 695 yards and six touchdowns this past season.

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