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Colorado State's Pete Thomas Has Not Transferred, Is Going Over His Options

On Tuesday is was being reported that Colorado St. Rams quarterback Pete Thomas was transferring to Vanderbilt, but that report looks to have jumped the gun on Thomas leaving. Thomas is considering transferring but has not made up his mind:

Thomas, denying reports he had decided to transfer to Vanderbilt, said in a text message to the Coloradoan, "I have not decided anything yet. I will let you know once I make a decision."

As to most reports and rumors there is some truth to this one. Call it what you want but Thomas was benched after he recovered from his injury and was replaced by Garrett Grayson once he recovered. Thomas has yet to live up to his four-star recruiting ranking from high school, but he did show some signs of being a good quarterback. Some of the issues had to do with former coach Steve Fairchild who ran a conservative offense.

New head coach Jim McElwain looks to run a more open offense like he did at Fresno State, but will include elements of a straight forward running game he used at Alabama. Also, McElwain has yet to hear of any players who have decided to transfer:

"I'm sure there are guys that are looking, guys that maybe wanted to leave to begin with, but this maybe gave them an opportunity," said McElwain, the Alabama offensive coordinator for the past four years who was hired Dec. 13 to replace Fairchild. "I don't know. I hope they don't, because I think we're going to have something pretty good here."

So, as of now Thomas has not made a decision on transferring and is keeping options open and may do so down the line.

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