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Colorado State Quarterback Pete Thomas To Transfer To Vanderbilt, According To A Report

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Colorado State sophomore quarterback Pete Thomas is expected to transfer to Vanderbilt, this according to Colorado State Examiner Rich Kurtzman. This is not official, but this is information that Kurtzman is hearing from his sources. This is not surprising that Thomas is considering moving on. At the tail end of this past season, Thomas was injured and essentially benched by former coach Steve Fairchild in favor of Garrett Grayson. Fairchild even said that Grayson would get playing time regardless of Thomas' health. Now include that with Colorado State landing quarterback Craig Leonard. Leonard is a local Fort Collins, Colo., player and attended prep school in North Carolina this past year and he talks about why he is a good fit for Colorado State:

"My leadership definitely - I like to be a leader. Physically, I'm 6-4, 215 so that gives me an advantage. I have a lot of experience going through different offenses, so learning something new shouldn't be a problem for me."

Leonard continued, "Up until my sophomore year we ran the double-winged offense. Junior year I didn't play (due to an injury), senior year I ran a spread, and in Carolina I ran a modified west coast spread offense, which included some option. So, I've learned a lot of different offensive schemes that makes it an advantage for me."

There will be five quarterbacks on the roster with Thomas, Grayson, M.J. McPeek and redshirt freshman Conner Smith. Not sure how big a threat Leonard is to Thomas since he is rated as a two-star player, but the quarterback situation is likely to be wide open this fall and Thomas could be afraid to compete for his own job. I am not certain of that but the situation for Thomas is completely different and he is not assured of anything.

Over at Vanderbilt they will be in need of a new quarterback come 2013, so Thomas could compete for the starting job come after sitting out a year due to NCAA rules. This is still early in the process so stay tuned as more information on this develops.

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