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PODCAST: New Mexico, Idaho Bowl recap

We break down the New Mexico Bowl and Idaho Bowl this week.

Our latest podcast is out and we talk about the New Mexico Bowl and Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. The last 90 seconds of Arizona's comeback is discussed, as is how poorly the Nevada secondary is. For some reason the Arizona offensive coaching staff did not find out that Nevada's secondary was poor until late in the game.

The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl was an unexpected blowout in Utah State's favor, but it did not help that Toledo lost their best offensive and defensive players early in the game. We also talk about how Utah State is lucky to not lose either offensive or defensive coordinator, both who were offered a job to BCS programs.

We also dive into a quick discussion about expansion, but it does not last all that long.

Here is that creepy potato in GIF form:


Also, apologize for the connection as we had to record with Chris in the car, but it sounds good enough.

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