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MWConnection Staff Roundtable: Week 2

Hey all we're back with the important questions that should be answered!  That being said lets go:

1. What is the Mountain West game of the week and why?

BHSMarine - Game of the week is obviously TCU @ AF. So I will throw out a secondary good game of... nothing. Wow that is a weak lineup of games. It will be interesting to see if UNM holds up against Arkansas at all. I will be watching the Rams for sure.

rebelfan1 - I'd say that the TCU vs. Air Force game is must watch TV on Saturday. TCU could start 0-2 and Air Force could get an important leg up in the race for the MWC crown.

Chris Holly Taylor - Conference Game: The TCU/AFA winner will become the leading contender for the Las Vegas Bowl.
Non-Conference: The Georgia/USC game will determine if Georgia is for real or will end up with a losing record for 2011. This non-conference game is very important for BSU's national ranking. I hope all loyal MWC fans are pulling for a big dawg victory.

bluesyourdaddy - I have to say the AF-TCU game is going to be the game of the week. TCU needs a win to say in the rankings, and AF needs the win to get there. This could answer the MWC championship if the winner could defeat Boise State.

Jeremy Mauss - Has to be TCU and Air Force. If Air Force is finally going to get over the hump and compete for the conference title and make it into the top-25 as a mainstay they must win this game. TCU will be pissed for losing to Baylor and I am sure Gary Patterson will remind everyone of the 2009 game where TCU nearly lost to the Falcons. Even though the TCU defense was beat on the pass last week against Baylor I fully expect Air Force to stick to their normal game plan of the run option attack and then beat TCU with a pass when they do not expect it. The winner in this gets a leg up in the conference race, and if Air Force wins my article about the Falcons chances of making a BCS game will be looking much better, but we will see.

Ben Findley - TCU-AFA is the MWC game of the week because both teams have conference championship aspirations, the loser of that game can basically kiss those goodbye.

airforcetwo - The game of the week this Saturday has got to be the Texas State Bobcats against the Wyoming Cowboys...All right we all know that it is TCU vs. Air Force. Given TCU's showing against Baylor last week the door is open for the Falcons to step up in the pecking order. TCU's defense doesn't appear to be as stout as in the past few years. Will Air Force capitalize? We will see on Saturday afternoon.


greekpadre - So that question was pretty much obvious, with no other significant MWC matchups, the TCU-AFA game will be the main one of interest.  I'm going to say that I really want AFA to pull this out, whatever the outcome is, it will be significant for how the rest of the season plays out for both teams.  An 0-2 TCU has a very real possibility of becoming a 4 or 5 loss team.

Which team were you most impressed with/surprised by from last week's play?

BHSMarine - I was surprised by the Lobos honestly. They were a train wreck last year. The new 4-2-5 defense looks like it will hold up much better. QB Austin can put together a game and possibly "upset" someone like Wyoming. I see them beating UNLV now. That wasn't just a weak game by the Rams, the Lobos might not be 120th out of 120 this year. Also the TCU defense was surprisingly bad, I think they get it figured out though.

rebelfan1 - New Mexico definitely impressed me. They hung with Colorado State and almost beat them. Tartan Austin played much better than I expected and I think New Mexico won't be an easy out for the other bottom feeders like they have in years past.

Chris Holly Taylor - I was impressed with and surprised by the dominance BSU demonstrated on both sides of the ball in their victory over Georgia. As I have mentioned in the first question, I hope the Georgia Bulldogs can regroup against the University of South Carolina this week.

bluesyourdaddy - I was most impressed with the Boise State-Georgia game. I was hoping for a win of course, but never thought the Broncos would be so dominating and poised on offense.

Jeremy Mauss - New Mexico -- They showed life and were not a push over team as they were last year. They showed signs of life on offense and defense. Last year they gave up 44 points per game and only allowed 14 to Colorado State. Their quarterback Tarean Austin has promise and was able to extend and make plays with his feet, and with more experience he will be dangerous. New Mexico will be a team that should be able to compete and possibly beat UNLV and Wyoming this year.

Ben Findley - Was not surprised by Boise's performance but was certainly impressed by them beating a SEC blueblood by two touchdowns in their own backyard.

airforcetwo - TCU's defense (or lack there of) was the surprise of week one. We knew that the defense couldn't stay up at the elite level it had been at, leading the national in total defense the last three years. But allowing 50 points, 564 yards, and over 400 through the air, has the warning lights flashing in Ft. Worth. Casey Pachall was impressive, but Gary Patterson has some problems to work out in his defensive secondary.

greekpadre - No recievers? No problem! Lindsey put up 4 TD's to his recievers Dylan DensoGavin Escobar andColin Lockett as SDSU decimated Cal Poly.  Ronnie Hillman picked up where he left off as well rushing for 189 yds and 2 TDs.  I still expect nothing but pain from this high powered offense.  The more I see them, the more I'm excited for the November 19th matchup with Boise State at the Q.

Comments as usual are appreciated and if you would like to submit a question of the week to the staff, email me by MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th at cjhondros at the gmail.