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UNLV Fan Will Name Child In Honor Of Shabazz Muhammad If He Attends UNLV

UNLV fans are doing whatever they can to keep local Las Vegas product -- who is also the No. 1-ranked 2012 basketball recruit -- Shabazz Muhammad in town and suit up for the UNLV Rebels. There is a fan twitter page as well as a fake Nike video with Muhammad in UNLV gear. Fans routinely show up at his high school practices in No. 15 UNLV jersey's, which is Muhammad's high school number.

However, there is an UNLV fan who is willing to name their child after Muhammad if he plays for UNLV. That is quite the commitment to make and some fans will do whatever they can to help their team win. However, it is superstitions like wearing a certain shirt or stick to a particular routine when your team wins, but to name your future son after a potential recruit in an attempt to influence their decision is a new tactic. In the end it probably will not work, but the effort is nice.

Muhammad is aware of the situation and likes the attention he gets from fans and said, "You want to go somewhere where the fans get really live and rowdy."

UNLV has already received a verbal commit from Muhammad's Bishop Gorman teammate Demetris Morant who recently gave his verbal committed to attend UNLV and who is a top-150 recruit across the board. Getting a highly rated class to join Muhammad is most likely going to play a bigger role than fans making videos, donning No. 15 UNLV jersey's or naming their kid after him.

So far, UNLV is ranked No. 20 by Rivals and No. 23 by ESPN for their 2012 class.

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