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Conference Realignment: Big East Is Looking At Adding Big 12 Teams

More expansion news is coming across the wire this Labor Day. For a quick recap over the last few days: Oklahoma is said to be looking directly at the Pac-12 with the expectation of Texas, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State coming aboard, the Mountain West executive board has conference realignment high on their agenda during their meeting on Tuesday and now the Big East is looking at the Big 12. Oh and I forgot, the Texas legislature as well as high powered CEOs are getting involved.

The Big East had been waiting on Villanova to decide if they will upgrade their stadium to fit the minimum requirement of 15,000 seats or play home games at PPL Park which is the home of the Philadelphia Union who are part of the MLS.

Now, the Big East is thinking of going after Big 12 teams:

A high-ranking college official did say Sunday that the Big East had reached out to multiple Big 12 universities and indicated, much as it did during the Texas-Pac-12 expansion talks last year, that the league would be interested in taking the universities if the Big 12 fell apart. The official said the Big East was not rooting for the demise of the Big 12, but opened up lines of communication in case it dissolved.

Nothing new there because some sort of combination between Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri and Iowa State were mentioned as a landing spot for the Big 12 teams last summer. Now that TCU is in the league adding four seems unlikely. Really it will be Kansas State Kansas coming as a package deal and then either Missouri and Iowa State.

Who knows is the Big East will be around long enough to add those Big 12 teams, because eventually the SEC will need a 14th team to go along with Texas A&M and West Virginia has been floated about as a possibility.

So, this is the latest update on conference realignment, and of course this will be outdated within the next week  next three days hour.

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