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Conference Realignment: TCU To The Big 12, Big East Dead?

Hopefully this is the last conference realignment piece before we get into game previews this weekend. The latest is coming from Bearcat Lair which is a 247 Sports affiliate site that covers the Cincinnati Bearcats, and they are saying that BYU, West Virginia, Louisville, TCU, West Virginia and of course Cincinnati are getting offers to join the Big 12. 

they are saying 

This would essentially kill off the Big East who would be left with Rutgers, South Florida and UConn, and depending on what Missouri does it would give the Big 12 either 13 or 14 teams. Assuming this report is accurate, the assumption would be that Missouri would be staying in the Big 12, because 13 teams is just an awkward number. 

This also means that Boise State would not be heading to the Big 12 and that Air Force would not be heading to the Big East thus leaving the Mountain West intact at 10 teams going forward starting next season. Also, if the Big East does go under then it would put the Mountain West in prime position to become the sixth BCS league since it was said a while back by someone within the BCS who said that the BCS would need six leagues to be sustainable.

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