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VIDEO: Player Reaction To Mike Locksley Firing, Will Players Transfer

Below is a video of player reaction to the firing of their head coach Mike Locksley. Some players knew it was a business decision, but others felt it was bad timing with the rivalry game upcoming this week against the New Mexico St. Aggies. The reason for the firing to occur before a rivalry game is because had he beaten the Aggies there would be a renewed hope for the New Mexico football program, so if he was going to be fired do it before the rival game.

This same instance occurred for Utah basketball when they had Ray Giacoletti as their head coach and he was fired prior to their rival game against BYU for the same reason. Had Utah beat BYU fans may have wanted to keep a poor coach on board.

Here is the video of players reacting to the firing of Mike Locksley:

Players react to Locksley firing:

Here is another video talking about is players will transfer from the New Mexico program.

Will Locksley players stay or go?:

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