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Conference Realignment: Big 12 Is Softening On Adding Schools From Texas

The Big 12 is looking to add teams and just yesterday it seemed that TCU was not an option, but now several different sources are saying that the Big 12 is open to adding teams in Texas. Yet another reason to not believe anything until the ink is dry or there is an official press conference from the school.

The Kansas City Star's Blair Kerkhoff sent out a tweet as did Chris Level from 104.3 ESPN radio in Lubbock, Texas.



So there is that and since it is coming from interim Big 12 commissioner Chuck Neinas there should be some truth held to this sentiment. Outside of TCU the only other plausible option would be the Houston Cougars. They are not specifically looking in the state of Texas, but it is not being eliminated either.

Missouri is still the next team to make a move before the Big 12 decides to add teams from any location.

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