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Conference Realignment: Boise State Has Not Been Contacted By The Big 12

It was reported on Monday that the Big 12 has interest in Boise State, however there are lot of things that need to happen for the Broncos to receive an invite. Boise State interim Athletic Director Curt Apsey has said that he has not had any contact from the Big 12:

"We haven't yet," Apsey said Wednesday. "I can tell you we're focused on putting ourselves in the best position going forward. We're very excited about being in the Mountain West Conference. We continue to keep our eyes open and our ears open. That's kind of still where we're at.

"I think the Big 12 is looking at all different kinds of options. If our name is being brought up that says a lot about where we are as a program. That's something that's good for us no matter what happens."

It is good to hear that Apsey said they have not been contacted yet, because had he started off saying he is putting Boise State in the best position forward then the assumption could be made that there has been contacted. He is correct though that being mentioned as a potential Big 12 member is flattering, however in my opinion there are too many things to happen for Boise State to receive an invite to the Big 12.

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