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Air Force's Injured Patrick Hennessey Is A Surprise Participant In Practice

The Air Force Falcons have suffered the injury bug at the worst possible time of the year. The Falcons have a brutal October stretch that includes games against Navy, Notre Dame, San Diego State and Boise State. The Falcons were to be without at least four starters and multiple backups, however the Falcons received good news at practice early this week when outside linebacker Patrick Hennessey was able to participate in practice, albeit in a limited basis. Hennessey had surgery where a pin was placed in his hand due to breaking a bone at the base of his thumb. The injury occurred two weeks ago and the original time table was 8-10 weeks and possibly the whole season, but now it looks like Hennessey may be able to return sometime this season.

At practice Hennessey was limited in what he could do and he still needs his hand to heal more before he can practice more and return to the game day lineup. His cast is basically a club so a special cast will be needed for Hennessey to play. Head coach Troy Calhoun mentioned that Hennessey will need more use of his hand before he can return, and he did not place a time frame for when Hennessey would return. Hennessey will definitely be out against Navy this week.

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