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VIDEO: Mike Locksley Has 30-Minute Sit Down Interview Talking About New Mexico Tenure

Former New Mexico Lobo head coach Mike Locksley had an extensive 30 minute interview with KRQE-TV and talks about his firing and the New Mexico football program during his tenure. This is somewhat rare for a fired coach to speak to the media for so long after being dismissed, and I think a good idea for Locksley to talk about his tenure. One key point in this interview is that Locksley does feel that his head coaching reputation has been tarnished for being fired, however in saying that Locksley admitted he did not do a good job coaching the team.

The telling line: Mike Locksley would have fired Mike Locksley.

This video is the full 30 minute interview, which is rare for a television station to put the whole interview online instead of a two or three-minute clip:

Full interview with Mike Locksley:

If you are short on time after the jump is the condensed interview of Mike Locksley.

Here are the highlights of the Mike Locksley interview:

Locksley speaks:

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