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Conference Realignment: Boise State Is Being Considered For Big 12, According To Report

Looks like more Mountain West teams are being considered for other conferences. First we have Air Force reportedly having an offer to join the Big East as a football-only member, and now Boise State is being reported as a target to join the Big 12.

As Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News points out, nothing is done until it is done, and he is the one who is reporting the latest expansion details. First off, there is still a long ways to go before Boise State even gets an offer to join the Big 12, because this is all contingent on what the Missouri Tigers do. They still may be joining the SEC and the Big 12 is looking to get back to 12 teams.

The teams that are being considered are BYU, West Virginia, Boise State and Louisville, so I guess they are cooling off on Air Force which makes me think they are likely heading to the Big East.

BYU is expected to join the Big 12 as their latest member, but nothing is official yet. If they lose Missouri the Big 12 is down to eight teams and the four schools mentioned look to be their first choice, but even though getting back to 12 is ultimately what the Big 12 wants they may sit at 10 and add BYU and then depending on MIssouri, then go after Louisville.

What about TCU?

Well it looks like members outside of the state of Texas do not want the league to become Texas-centric, and it is clear that the Texas Longhorns also do not want TCU. However, the Big 12 may not have a choice on adding TCU because there is a possibility BYU turns them down and the league may not be able to add West Virginia or Louisville.

If the league does go to 12 and add West Virginia, BYU, Louisville and Boise State, that would be one heck of a travel schedule for West Virginia who would have to go to the mountain time zone and West Texas for conference games. Adding Louisville makes sense since they are relatively close to West Virginia, but the Big 12 would need both to make that happen.

If the Big 12 is considering football strength then adding Boise State makes all the sense in the world, but if they want to add money to their television deal Boise State just does not have the juice in that department.

Again, these are just reports and nothing is set in stone -- remember Missouri last year publicly saying they wanting in the Big 10 -- and it depends on what Missouri decides to do.

The order of teams I see the Big 12 wants goes like this: BYU, Louisville, West Virginia and then Boise State. So, at least to me, it looks like that unless the Big 12 gets back to 12 teams and lose Missouri is when an offer would be extended to Boise State.

Looks like we have a long way to go on conference realignment.

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