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College Football Rankings: Blog Poll Draft LSU Takes Top Spot

Here is the latest BlogPoll draft and there are bunch of changes at the top which is a a big diference were the top six stayed the same. The biggest drop comes to Florida State who is reeling after losing two straight games and fell eight spots from No. 11 to No. 19.  Conversely the biggest gain goes to Clemson who moved up five spots to No. 16 after defeating Florida State. 

The top spot is one of the few spots were we both agree upon with LSU taking over after their beat down over West Virginia, and technically spots No. 2 and No. 4 are tied since we alternated those spots.

On my half of the ballot I made some fairly bold moves by completely dropping Texas at the end of the poll. Looking at their schedule they have only beaten Rice, BYU and UCLA, so I felt like dropping them down to No. 25. I moved West Virginia way down because that they lost pretty bad to LSU. Normally I would only drop them maybe a little or at all, but they were outplayed from the start against LSU.

Then I kept TCU about the same mainly because they have not played the best schedule, however they did not drop as for as Texas mainly because their loss is to a better team and in all of their wins TCU has looked better then Texas.

Below is each of our polls and then after the jump is the composite poll.