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New Mexico Has A Quarterback Battle Between Tarean Austin, B.R. Holbrook

This answer probably won't be addressed until new interim head coach George Harlow has their first weekly press conference. During the 48-45 loss to Sam Houston State in overtime, Mike Locksley benched quarterback Tarean Austin for B.R. Holbrook. Holbrook has started in the past, but was beaten out by Austin in fall camp.

Holbrook had a good game against Sam Houston State by going 19-for-30, passing for 289 yards and had two touchdowns. Austin was pulled after going 13-for-22, 145 passing yards and two scores. Holbrook entered the game with New Mexico down 14 points and did provide a spark to get the Lobos back in the game.

So now what? 

The Lobos take on rival New Mexico State next week in a game that they can win. One of the problems last year for New Mexico was that they kept switching quarterbacks, part of it was due to injuries more than anything else, however sticking to one quarterback is necessary. 

I could see with going with the new hot hand in Holbrook since he did bring New Mexico back and almost won the game, but then again Austin won the job through spring and fall camp.

In all reality it does not really matter who the New Mexico starter is, but both players will be back next year so might as well stick with one quarterback unless that one just falls apart. 

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