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Stats Are Fun!

I was cruising though some MWC stat pages for fun and remembered that I can write on a blog about it so here are a few crazy findings of mine.  These are just interesting things, nothing to make a big deal about.


  • CSU is #1 in total defense giving up 318 YPG.  On a per play basis they are also #1 with 5 yards per play, Boise is seconds at 5.4.  That is crazy considering years past.
  • Boise State has not scored a field goal, Army is the only other team to have not scored a FG in the nation.
  • Despite running the triple option run offense, Air Force is last in time of possession in the conference at 26:49.  Down about 4 minutes from last year.  They have been in the top half of the MWC the last 5 years.
  • UNLV has recovered all 5 of their opponents fumbles, only North Texas at 6 has more while a 100% recovery rate.
  • Meanwhile SDSU's opponents have fumbled a nation high 17 times in 4 games, they have only recovered 8 of those.
  • UNLV has not kicked a touchback yet, they have kicked two out of bounds however.

These mean nothing really, I just thought they were interesting.  I may do this series again in a couple weeks and see if I can find anymore stats that pop out to me.